Membership Info

<strong>Basic Info</strong>

Eligibility: Restricted to members of Green Valley Recreation Inc. (including Tenant members, but not Guests) who are eighteen (18) years of age or older.
Required Steps in Order: (All items/forms are in the West Center wood shop)
Register – Join/Register on club website, accept terms of service, and complete Profile Page to become a club Associate.
Read and Accept – Memo “Who We Are and What We Expect” and turn in during training.
Read and Understand – Wood shop “Operational & Safety Manual” Volumes 1 and 2. These are digital files stored on a thumb/flash drive which can be signed out from the wood shop or can be viewed online here AFTER logging into the website.
Read and Understand – Wood shop “Rules & Policies“.
Class Sign Up – After Joining and becoming an Associate, register for Orientation & Safety Training. (Website Sign Up).
Complete Training – Orientation and Safety Training 3 Day Class.
Pay Dues – Upon completion of all requirements on the last night of class.
Enjoy Full Membership!


Only registered club Associates may sign up for Orientation & Safety Training. Associates can login to website for access to Orientation Class sign-up lists.

<strong>Dues & Fees</strong>

Membership Period: January 1 to December 31

Dues: $40

Locker Rental Fee: $30 (Active Monitors have priority if available)

Drawer Rental Fee: $10 (if available)

Expiration: Renew membership before Dec 31.

Club Access: Non-renewal results in loss of use (website and wood shop)

Renew Early: Renewal after January 1 will delay member access (wood shop and website)

<strong>Validating Membership</strong>

The Woodworkers of GVR support the GVR policy of “Membership Matters” by validating someone’s membership in GVR and the Woodworkers of GVR club during “scan in” at the club wood shop. If you are a club member and have changed residences recently, you may experience problems with wood shop access. READ this document to learn more.

<strong>Terms of Service</strong>