Membership Renewal FAQ Issues

Paying Dues On Time For Continued Access
As we continue to increase the functionality and ease of use of the shop website, it is imperative that your shop dues, GVR dues and GVR number are up to date. 

Your Annual Dues are due no later than December 31st each year. However, paying late will result in a delay in getting in the shop. After January 1st, if your dues are not paid you will not have full use of the website. You will no longer be able to pay your dues online using PayPal or credit card, nor will you have access to the reservation system to reserve shop time. Pay before December 15th to avoid any delays.  If all your records are not updated, you will not have access to the website and/or the shop.

Some FAQs:

1. So what happens if I pay only some of my dues, but not all?

  • Shop Dues + GVR Dues paid = full website access and shop access.
  • Shop dues (only) paid:  you will have access to the website.  You will be able to schedule shop time, book monitor shifts etc.  You will not have access to the shop itself.
  • GVR Dues only paid: you will have access to GVR facilities with the exception of the shop.  You will not have access to the shop website and will not be able to book shop time or access any of the website features. 

2. I paid my shop dues on December 31.  Why do I not have access on January 1? ANSWER: It can take a few days to process your dues and post the payment to your records IF you made a manual payment by check or cash.  Although it may seem that the dues payment is fully automated and immediate, it is not.  A human has to update the record and then the records need to be uploaded to the shop database.  To be sure you have continued access, you should ideally pay your dues no later than December 15. The BEST method for paying dues is to use the PayPal online method with credit/debit card or your PayPal account. Paying online gives you instant access to the shop, if completed correctly.

3. I paid my shop dues in mid December.  I paid my GVR dues on January 2.  Why do I not have full access to the website and to the shop on January 3? ANSWER: If you paid your GVR dues at a GVR office, you will likely have immediate access to most GVR facilities.  However, the updated GVR database must be manually uploaded to the shop computer system.  This is done twice per week on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening.  So if you pay your dues on Monday, you will not have shop access until Thursday morning after the shop computer is updated manually.  As your shop dues are up to date, you will have access to the shop website. 

4. I did not pay my shop dues before January 1.  I am trying to go online and pay my dues now, but I cannot login to pay the dues.  What do I do? ANSWER: As you have not paid shop dues, you have no shop website access including the dues payment pages.  You will need to mail or drop off a check to the shop treasurer.  It can take 5 business days to manually process late dues paid by cheque and not electronically through the website. To avoid this problem, be sure to pay your dues online before the end of day, December 31, and ideally by December 15.